About us


Doyle Bros has a fleet of dedicated and purpose-built collection vehicles servicing Greater Sydney.

Our trucks only service commercial and industrial customers.  Doyle Bros do not service council or residential contracts, all our drivers and vehicles are 100% committed to business customers.

ALL of the compactor trucks are equipped with NMI Accredited and calibrated weighing systems providing all of our customers with real data.

Collection systems are automated and managed by industry specific software that is cloud supported for data security and back up.  Data captured by our drivers is directly fed into our customers details to allow for simple and exact reporting of waste and recycling outcomes and resource recovery.

Front Lift Truck

Front lift trucks are fitted with compacting systems that store and compact customers waste and recycling. Generally used for dry general waste and cardboard collection systems these services are mostly in place in commercial premises that generate a high volume of materials.

Front Lift systems require a large height clearance to lift the bins above the truck and empty into the compactor.

Hook Lift truck and bin

Hook Lift bins range from thirteen cubic metres to as much as thirty-two cubic metres. Designed for large bulky waste these bins are perfect for large manufacturing facilities or customers that generate large volumes of waste and recyclables.

The Doyle Bros hook lift fleet also service all compacting units including stationary compactors located at customers sites across Sydney.

Rear Lift truck

Servicing all sizes of plastic mobile bins (ranging from 120L to 1100L), rear lift trucks have the bin lifting systems at the rear of the compacting unit. Our friendly team will move the bins from their location within your business empty them and return the bins to their original location.

Doyle Bros is available 24/7 to collect, transport and process waste and recyclables across Greater Sydney. We process all commercial and industrial waste with the highest standards of safety and customer service.