Doyle Bros

Materials recovery facility

At Doyle Bros, we are genuinely committed to the preservation and protection of our environment

Doyle Bros has an impeccable record for the management of safety across the business. We are committed to delivering services that ensure the safety of all stakeholders is our highest priority.

Management systems are controlled and documented by the Integrated Management System in place across the company. Certified to ISO:45001 (2018) and the Good Environmental Choice Australia | Environmental Performance Standard | Waste Collection Services WCSv1.0i-2018 Waste Collection Services Standard, Doyle Bros holds the accreditations and history of compliance to demonstrate excellence in safety management.

Recent upgrades to our fleet have included the introduction of DENNIS Heavy Vehicles. A proactive survey of risk determined that this type of heavy vehicle (with access from both the drivers’ side and passenger side with a ‘walk through’ cabin) mitigated risks for drivers’ entry and egress.
Our MRF is a ‘no touch’ environment. All processing is done mechanically removing the common injury of cuts, abrasions and needle stick events commonly seen in hand sorting MRF’s.

Doyle Bros will continue to innovate and invest to lead the industry into a safer environment for our people and our customers. This is the single largest focus for our team.

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