Doyle Bros


Doyle Bros supply and service the full suite of recycling equipment. We supply standard sized ‘wheelie bins’ and steel front lift and hook bins to a range of custom designed and manufactured compacting units.

120 Litres

240 Litres

660 Litres

1100 Litres

1.5 Cubic

3 Cubic

4.5 Cubic

6-30 Cubic Hook Bins


Doyle Bros only supplies the best quality bins and equipment evaluated to the highest standards for safety and fit for purpose use. We also replace (free of charge) any units that are worn or fail in normal service.

All mobile garbage bins are made to the Australian Standard AS4123 with the highest possible content of recycled material used in the manufacturing process. The bins are tough and durable, made to last and easy to manoeuvre.

Doyle Bros are experts in assisting clients with site specific unique requirements for large bin systems. Compacting units and bins that are made to order to fit like a glove delivering the highest levels of safety and efficiency in waste aggregation and transport.

Doyle Bros is available 24/7 to collect, transport and process waste and recyclables across Greater Sydney. We process all commercial and industrial waste with the highest standards of safety and customer service.