Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Environmentally, paper and cardboard are valuable commodities that should not be sent to landfills.

Recycling paper at our mrf

Installing a separate system for paper and cardboard recycling will significantly reduce the overall cost of waste management. The recyclable material is traded to offset collection and transport costs resulting in an excellent resource recovery of up to 99% whilst driving down customer costs.

Our MRF receives site collected paper and cardboard recycling. The MRF separated paper and cardboard that is processed through the production line. Using our state-of-the-art European sorting and processing technology, we can recover the valuable recyclable paper and cardboard, which was previously otherwise destined for landfill.

At our MRF, the material is processed, baled, and then sold domestically to Opal at Botany, used in the manufacture of new packaging.

RECYCLING WITH OPAL IN AUSTRALIA reduces the risk to market fluctuations in global commodity prices

Maintaining our commitment to sustainability, we have continued our partnership with Opal for over 25 years. We have continued our commitment to recycling and reusing the material in Australia rather than exporting to offshore markets.

Implementing a system to collect paper and cardboard is easy and cost effective. Doyle Bros have been providing this solution to many thousands of customers for decades.

In an overall waste management system paper and cardboard recycling improves resource recovery and drives costs down.

Doyle Bros is available 24/7 to collect, transport and process waste and recyclables across Greater Sydney. We process all commercial and industrial waste with the highest standards of safety and customer service.