You can partner with Doyle Bros to simplify your waste management using our General Waste Collection service. We collect, process, and recycle our partners’ waste, recovering up to 90% of reusable resources.

A unique point of difference in Sydney

Dry General Waste is processed and manufactured into Processed Engineered Fuels (PEF). Our MRF was designed and installed with a tried and tested blueprint from similar facilities across Europe and around the globe. Combining technologies from around the world we have a licensed and operational facility that processes waste and recyclables.

Recyclables are removed from the mix using a combination of technologies such as Windsifters, magnets, density separation and optical sorting.

PEF is used in the manufacturing of cement. PEF is not waste to energy. In the manufacturing of cement PEF replaces coal. Cement made with PEF reduces the use of coal and diverts waste from landfill resulting in an exceptional environmental benefit by maximising beneficial reuse and reducing the use of fossil fuels.


The waste collected is diverted to our MRF (Materials Recovery Facility), where it is processed. Since 2009, we have been processing the waste we collect. Then in early 2020, using state-of-the-art European sorting and separating technology, we commissioned our upgraded new MRF. Our MRF has been able to recover valuable recyclables and manufacture an alternative fuel with the previous non-recyclable residual waste. The residual waste, previously diverted to landfill, is now manufactured as PEF (Processed Engineered Fuel) as an alternative fuel source. The advantage of PEF as an alternative fuel source is in the reduction in the use of fossil fuels and the reduction in harmful landfill emissions, ensuring a more sustainable future.


The collection of general commercial and industrial waste has been a news topic for a number of years, and Doyle Bros has made a commitment to provide ethical and sustainable waste collection across Sydney every single day. We do not send our general waste across the border to Queensland, instead, we have invested in the technology to process and recycle. What waste remains after our processing, is manufactured into RDF, which is EPA approved and a much more sustainable option. Quite simply, general waste collected by Doyle Bros isn’t destined for landfill, instead, it is repurposed into valuable recyclable resources and alternative fuel. Using Doyle Bros gives you peace of mind and gives back to the planet.

Doyle Bros is available 24/7 to collect, transport and process waste and recyclables across Greater Sydney. We process all commercial and industrial waste with the highest standards of safety and customer service.