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Doyle Bros is the leading provider of commercial and industrial waste management solutions in Greater Sydney.

We will design and implement a waste management plan with up to ninety percent resource recovery. Our friendly and dedicated team will tailor and manage solutions that deliver best in industry service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – we never stop!

The Doyle Bros Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is licenced and operational to process waste and recyclables collected from our customers. The MRF manufactures Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) resulting in beneficial reuse of dry general waste traditionally sent to landfills. Items such as single use plastics, plastic bags, coffee cups, coffee pods and soft plastics are diverted from tips and the environment.

Doyle Bros supplies all equipment, transportation, and processing for all commercial and industrial waste customers. Diversion from landfill hovers around ninety percent with GECA Accredited services and reporting functions.

More services

grease trap services

Doyle Bros has a simple solution to your grease trap servicing requirements. In line with regulations set out by Sydney Water, Doyle Bros will manage all aspects of the collection and reporting.

We service all sizes of grease traps and have bespoke collection capabilities for the hard to reach grease traps. Cost effective with one simple fee per litre in compliance with your Water Authorities requirements.


Doyle Bros have a range of sturdy fit for purpose bins for metal recycling.

Recycling metals has been in place in Australia for over a century. Doyle Bros have easy to use systems to aggregate and transport ferrous and non-ferrous scrap for recycling.

Backed by solid trading partners, Doyle Bros will source the best commercial terms for all types of metal recycling. Whether it is a one off service or ongoing solution we will cater the systems to best suit your requirements.


Hazardous waste can be difficult to compliantly dispose of. Items such as fluorescent tubes, batteries, e-Waste and paints must be treated correctly to ensure the best environmental outcomes. Doyle Bros will work with each customer to identify the best resource recovery outcome with the safest systems for handling and transporting hazardous waste. Contact Doyle Bros for professional advice and assistance to handle all hazardous waste properly and responsibly. With over thirty years of experience in compliant waste management systems, Doyle Bros will provide the best solution for hazardous waste generated at your business. Please contact our friendly team to discuss how we can assist.

Contact us today to divert your waste from landfill and be serviced by the best team in Sydney.