Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)


The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is an NSW Government initiative to reduce litter and remove problem waste from the environment. Commercial and Industrial customers of Doyle Bros can take advantage of the CDS refund to offset the cost of waste aggregation, collection, transport, and processing.

Eligible bottles and cans are placed into CDS collection bins supplied by Doyle Bros. We also supply the bin liners, collection, and processing services with one simple to use system.

The CDS refund for each eligible container is aggregated with our customers choosing where the refund is remitted.


CDS systems are easy to use, replace most mixed recycling requirements and return funds to our satisfied customers. Why not contact Doyle Bros to inquire as to how a CDS system can save you money whilst being a great environmental choice too!

The CDS systems identify each container by the barcode and determine the eligibility of the container as well as its composition. Glass can be separated by colour and plastic by type to give and exceptional recycling outcome in a mixed waste CDS system.

Importantly bottles and cans cannot be crushed or broken, and the label must be readable for the container to count towards your CDS return.

Doyle Bros is available 24/7 to collect, transport and process waste and recyclables across Greater Sydney. We process all commercial and industrial waste with the highest standards of safety and customer service.