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Waste collection Processing
& Recycling

Since 1989, Doyle Bros has been providing waste and recycling services to Sydney’s commercial and industrial sector. Our friendly and dedicated team are able to tailor and manage solutions, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – we never stop!

At Doyle Bros, we are genuinely committed to the preservation and protection of our environment. We understand that in business, waste is produced – that part is unavoidable. However, if we process and recycle, we can reduce the depletion of natural resources and reduce what goes to landfill. We have made and continue to make, significant investment in processing and sorting technology to achieve our sustainability goals.

Since 2009, we have been diverting waste from landfill to our MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) The Lab for processing. Using state of the art European sorting and separating technology, we have been able to recover valuable recyclables, and manufacture an alternative fuel with the non-recyclable residual waste. Our priority is always to recover recyclables, then manufacture RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) with the residual, the waste otherwise destined for landfill. Our RDF production is endorsed by the NSW EPA, and complies with the EPA Energy from Waste Policy.

The manufacture of RDF with non-recyclable residual waste is a huge win for the environment. RDF is used as an alternative fuel source, partially replacing fossil fuels such as coal and gas. The Benefits of using RDF as a fuel source, is in the reduction in the use of fossil fuels and reduction in harmful landfill emissions, ensuring a more sustainable future.

The largest recovered volume from The Lab is paper & cardboard. Maintaining our commitment to sustainability, we have chosen to partner with Orora, supplying our recovered material to their Botany Paper Mill. This ensures the material is recycled to be reused in Australia, rather than selling to off shore markets.

Doyle Bros is available 24/7 to collect, process and recycle your commercial and industrial waste.

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