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Paper & cardboard recycling

Climate change is set to become the hot topic of the decade and the negative impact businesses put on the environment will be under the microscope.

Our waste collection and separation centre in Sydney is installed with the latest European recycling equipment, ensuring that over 90% of waste is diverted from landfill. Paper and cardboard are commonly perceived as easy to throw away materials that will break down in landfill, however, do you know the astonishing amount of resources it takes to produce a single tonne of paper?

Manufacturing one tonne of paper uses an astonishing 26,460 litres of water. A sobering thought as Australia battles through season after season of drought.

With Doyle Bros, your waste paper and cardboard will become high quality recycled Australian products and materials.

Our superior cardboard and paper recycling practices are tailored to suit any business or industrial site. We can come to your site and implement a separate paper and cardboard recycling centre. Our waste collection service is not only sustainable but cost-effective, simple for your employees to follow and with 24/7 pick up to fit around your business.

Not sure if you have the space for separate paper and cardboard waste stations? Not to worry, our team can set up comingled waste pick up and sort your waste for you back at our waste processing site.

Once your paper and cardboard arrives at our Fairfield site, we get to work. Firstly we remove any chance of contamination by eliminating any non-fibre based material providing the highest quality recyclable material. Then the bales are compacted and headed straight to The Orora Group in Botany who has been a long term partner of Doyle Bros. The compacted paper and cardboard bales are then used to create high quality recycled materials and items which stay within Australia rather than shipped offshore, which creates a hefty carbon footprint.

Contact us today and experience the Doyle Bros commitment to waste reduction and a sustainable Australia.