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Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Using our Paper & Cardboard Recycling collection service, meets your recycling obligations and is far more cost effective than general waste collection. The paper & cardboard collected, is delivered our MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) The Lab, where it is processed, baled and then on sold.

Using state of the art European sorting and separating technology, we have been able to recover valuable recyclables, and manufacture an alternative fuel with the non-recyclable residual waste. Our priority is always to recover recyclables from the waste, then manufacture RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) with the residual, the waste otherwise destined for landfill. In reality, there is a significant volume of paper & cardboard in the general waste stream, with The Lab being able to process and recover around 95%.

Recycling paper & cardboard saves an astonishing amount of resources over using virgin material – trees. 1 tonne of recycled paper & cardboard saves around – 13 trees, 2.5 barrels of oil, 4,100 kwh electricity, 4 CO2 of green house gas emissions and 4 cubic metres of landfill area!

With Doyle Bros, your recycled paper & cardboard will be processed in Australia into valuable packaging.

Our paper & cardboard recycling services can be tailored to suit any commercial or industrial site. We encourage the separate collection, and are happy to help with the setting up process. Our collection service is not only sustainable but cost-effective, simple for your employees to follow and with 24/7 collections to suit your business.

The recovered paper & cardboard is processed and baled then sold to Orora’s Paper Mill at Botany, where it is used in the manufacture of new packaging. Maintaining our commitment to sustainability, we have chosen to continue our partnership with Orora. This relationship has continued for over 20 years, with a shared commitment to recycle and reuse the material in Australia rather than exporting to off shore markets.

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