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Document Destruction

We should all be working in a paperless office, but how many businesses can attest to that? Not many. At Doyle Bros we understand that running a business means confidential information is printed, shared in meetings and then ends up in drawers and on top of desks.

As part of your risk management processes, all confidential information should be disposed of in a safe and confidential way. If you work in a commercial premises where customer personal details are collected, stored and shared, you also have a duty of care to destroy personal information and bank account details in a safe, confidential and certified way.

Trust Doyle Bros to collect and dispose of your confidential information safely and securely

Doyle Bros can collect all of your secure documents in locked bins and dispose, shred and pulp with all relevant certifications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our waste collection teams are trained and have all relevant references and checks to ensure that your confidential document destruction is destroyed without being seen, shared or copied.

Contact our waste collection experts today to implement a secure risk management system when it comes to destroying and disposing of all of your confidential documents.