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Commingled Recycling

Comingled waste and recycling is probably the most confusing aspect of waste collection. How do you know what to recycle? What do the symbols mean? What happens if a bin becomes contaminated? We understand the confusing labels and we can also take away your recycling stress.

Doyle Bros will collect your comingled waste bins, bring them back to our state of the art sorting plant where we separate, process and recycle as much material as we can. What’s left heads over to our Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) plant where non-recyclable waste is turned into fuel!

Take away the fear of comingled recycling across Sydney by choosing Doyle Bros

Let us take away the stress and time taken to thoroughly sort through your waste and leave you with peace of mind that your waste is heading through the right channels, away from landfill.

Doyle Bros sort, process and recycle all your comingled waste in one location. Our comingled waste specialists in Sydney will partner with your site to implement a simple, cost effective and measurable comingled waste collection service.

We have worked across all kinds of commercial and industrial sites and tailor our waste collection service to suit each one. We can provide bins, education to your staff and 24/7 collection to work with your business needs.

Does comingled become confusing? Let Doyle Bros do the sorting for you!