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Alternate fuel manufacturing

At Doyle Bros, we are genuinely committed to the preservation and protection of our environment. We understand that in business, waste is produced; that part is unavoidable. However, if we sort, separate treat and recycle, we can avoid depleting natural resources and reducing what goes to landfill.

At Doyle Bros HQ have gone one step further and created an alternative fuel source manufactured from waste otherwise headed to the landfill. We are proud to be the only waste centre in Australia, pioneering this process. With the support of the EPA, we hope to develop this process and roll out across Australia.

Doyle Bros are one of the first waste centre in Australia, creating alternative fuel from unrecyclable materials.

Our PEF production is fully endorsed by the NSW EPA, complying with the EPA Energy from Waste Policy. After processing, and recovering all valuable recyclables, the remaining residual material which would have previously been sent to landfill, is manufactured into Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF).

PEF is used as an alternative fuel source, partially replacing fossil fuels such as coal and gas. The benefit of using PEF as a fuel source is primarily the reduced need for fossil fuel use, and in turn, a reduction in harmful landfill emissions, creating an efficient and sustainable alternative fuel source.

Partner with Doyle Bros and your waste could become the fuel of the future.