Doyle Bros – much has happened that has affected us all.

We have just completed our build and commissioning of our upgraded MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) The Lab. The following video gives an overview of what happens to your waste after it has been collected.

Our MRF is totally automated, using state of the art European technology, we process and recover valuable recyclables from the waste we collect.

With the remaining non recyclable waste previously sent to landfill, we manufacture Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) – an alternative fuel. Rdf is used as a partial replacement for fossil fuels. The end result of our processing, is that only around 10% of all material received ends up in landfill – a very good result for our customers and their contribution to a sustainable future.

Facilities like this, are scattered throughout Europe, but here in Australia, there are very few.

We’re extremely proud to be leading the way in managing our customers waste in the most progressive and environmentally sustainable way.