5 Tips For Recycling Commercial Paper & Cardboard

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Councils and the Australian Government need to stand up!

The Government needs to prioritise public education on recyclable materials, as well as provide leadership and develop laws and guidelines that prioritises the correct disposal of recyclable waste. By having the correct infrastructure and procedures in place to meet the recycling demands of our country, we can prepare for an increase in the amount that Australians recycle, as we move towards better habits.

Companies must have the motivation to purchase recycled materials for their production. The price of recycled materials is far greater than that of virgin resources, making it the less desirable material out of the two. Real leadership will be required to lay the groundwork for large projects and should be ready to face the inevitable scrutiny.

Motivate People to Recycle Correctly

States and territories have adopted a reward system to promote the correct recycling of bottles. This practise is used nationwide, where 10 cents is awarded for each bottle recycled at specific recycling depots.

However, Australia should take this a step further and follow the European model, where supermarkets provide dispensary machines for bottle collection and reimbursement, making a convenient, easy-to-access avenue for people to do the right thing and get rewarded for it.

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Gem Young, BHSc NM, is a Sydney based Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition researcher. She studied a Bachelor of Clinical Nutritionm and Dietetics at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Sydney, Along side her passion for holistic wellness, she has a dedicated to sustainably and locally sourced organic produce.